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Oh! That's shiny

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Welcome to Ironiconic

It's a journal for posting icons, borrowing icons that are posted, and y'know, just doing stuff with icons.

Basically, I set it up as a place to post my work, and made it open slather. It's less useful for icon requests (I know I really won't ever get time to do a request icon), but hey, best of luck with posting a request.

Rules? If I need to post rules, I'll start by hitting people with sheep and taking it from there.

Okay, so there's one rule - no posts recruiting for other journals. I don't mind links back to your own icon journals, but if the sole content of the post is "Hey, come join my journal" then that post will be terminated when I find it. (And I need to be physically removed from a PC or sleeping to not be checking my LJ and finding posts)

So, beside the no recruiting, chill, enjoy, post, make icons and pounce on shiny things.

Okay, so there's a second rule, much like the first rule - no spam. You spam, I find, delete and report you as spam. I then hunt down your real identity and report it to the US government and claim you're part of an international conspiracy to shave Donald Rumsfeld in his sleep. (He's paranoid about his hairpiece)

On the subject of tags - I'm hoping that we can create a useful index of the journal with consistent tagging, but that's something that will evolve.

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